Ryan Seacrest ‘Leaks’ On Twitter He’s Testing Zynga’s Draw Something 2 – Or Did He?

ryan seacrest tweets draw something 2

Was it all just a publicity stunt for more Zynga PR?

“American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest made social media news today by revealing that he will be working on a project with Zynga.  Seacrest dropped the news on Twitter today that he’s testing Draw Something 2, a sequel to Zynga’s “Draw Something” that was a hit last year. But did Ryan Seacrest accidentally leak this news today on a media packed Monday? Probably not but who cares, Zynga confirmed Seacrest’s involvement via Twitter and was forced to corroborate with the television, radio star.

Zynga purchased OMGPOP last year for $180 million and acquired Draw Something as part of the transaction but the gaming world has changed slightly since then.  Draw Something isn’t as much of a hit as it used to be and as more people get smartphones, less of them are spending time on them playing games with other people at the rate of growth they were last year.

Ryan Seacrest Tweet

I somehow convinced them to give me #DrawSomething2 first…this may be the best Mariah & Randy have ever looked

Zynga Response Tweet
@ryanseacrest thanks! So excited to confirm #DrawSomething2 is coming soon w/ new ways to draw & connect.

It looks pretty staged and didn’t get excite many gamers.  It wasn’t a trending topic in Google or Twitter which suggests the overall interest in low difficulty mobile games is lacking and Zynga needs a big hit.

Zynga’s shares are below 3.50 and the news did little to spark interest in the investment community.  Zynga was down 11 cents or 3.04 percent and Seacrest’s tweet wasn’t a market mover.  Here is the conversation below between Twitter and Zynga.

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