Twitter Turns 7, Oh How Social Media Has Changed

first Twitter tweet ever jack-dorsey

A social media site that is still active at age seven is quite an accomplishment.

Twitter has reached the ripe old age of 7.  In social media years, that’s a generation.  Remember Digg, StumbleUpon and Myspace?  They have little influence now in the social media sector and they were former behemoths in the space. The first tweet ever was sent out by Jack Dorsey “just setting up my twttr” March 21, 2006. As short and simple as the first tweet was, it sparked a wave of social media that focused on short messages.  Twitter is also a place for people who aren’t friends unlike Facebook and the company took advantage of two types of social media needs.  First, people want to send out information to the public but they don’t want to be intimate with the people they are talking to.  This was where Myspace failed.  Myspace profiles were a mix of friends and frienemies which didn’t solve a need but created a space for Facebook to exploit by creating a personally linked social media network.

Second, Twitter capitalized on digital PR in its earliest stages.  A few years ago, Twitter was considered a poor man’s PR because stars, musicians and media figures were taking to it first and the big old school media press conference decreased in importance.   Now the social media space is cluttered and contains several sites that are downstream versions of Twitter like Pinterest, Pheed and Instagram.  This will make gaining market share harder for Twitter but the competition in the social media space has come and gone, any predictions about the future of social media should be taken with a grain of salt & pepper.

Congrats on Twitter for hitting the 7 year mark.  Media won’t ever be the same.  For example, when President Obama won his reelection in November 2012, he didn’t take to Facebook first, his Twitter was updated.  When natural disasters occur or when a famous person passes, people hit Twitter first.  Now that social media has grown to a full fledged revenue generating business sector with the likes of LinkedIn and Facebook going public, expect some consolidation a la Facebook buying Instagram.

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