Google Universal Analytics Unveiled Along With Data Hub Activity And Trackbacks for Measuring Social Media Engagement

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Tracking social media networking efforts just got easier thanks to Google’s Analytics Update:

Google has just updated Google Analytics by redesigning its Social Media Reports.  Google retrieves the data from content via Google’s Social Data Hub Partners that tracks how content is shared via social media networks.  Google also unveiled its update to Analytics via the Universal beta that is now available this week.  Google wants website owners to optimize with better information and tracking social media can help.

Google revamped two reports and made them easier to access called.

  • Data Hub Activity
  • Trackbacks

It’s easier to find out who linked to you and what content they linked to as well as how many visitors came from that link.  Social media activity can be seen based on Data Hub Activity analysis and it allows marketers and site owners to focus on social media networks that use their content more frequently.

Google was built based on citation analysis and this is why linking matters.  As the social media sector grows, how content is linked and shared will become more important.  Search and social media are becoming inextricably intertwined so if you haven’t made that Google Analytics update, time to do it now.

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