A Few Questions Now That Facebook Is Launching The Android Phone Tomorrow

facebook phone prototype iphone

Facebook set to announce new Android Phone Thursday April 4, 2013

Facebook is finally putting the rumors to rest. Yes, the social media giant is launching an Android phone. This comes after months of speculation that Facebook would try to rival the likes of Apple and Google by getting into the hardware business. The margins in the hardware sector are tight. Just ask Amazon and many smartphone makers who practically give their hardware away for free in the hopes people consume content. So our first question is – Why?  Why would Facebook want to get into the hardware business?

The Facebook phone probably won’t have any revolutionary updates but it’s slated to open with the Facebook site as a background app giving the user easy access. So why make a phone if Facebook doesn’t have any extraordinary features to add? Perhaps Facebook is looking to spread brand awareness? But then does Facebook need to be a leader in smartphone tech?

But what does Facebook have to gain buy making a phone? It doesn’t have any content. Or is that next? Will Facebook move to become a larger media enterprise with original content like Netflix’s “House Of Cards (read our review here)”? Ok that may be a stretch but then, who expected the Facebook phone coming? And will it be a real threat to Apple’s iPhone reign? Is a Facebook TV next? Thursday April 4,2013 will be a revealing moment fur the future of Facebook. It may just leave us with more questions than answers.

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