LinkedIn Buys Pulse For $90 Million As It Goes After Content, Publishers

linkedin pulse logos together

Is LinkedIn looking to become the next ‘Huffington Post’?

LinkedIn, the number one social media platform for professionals has just purchased Pulse.  Pulse is a popular mobile application that aggregates news articles and features them in an easy to read mobile view. The move comes two weeks after Yahoo purchased ‘Summly’ from a 17 year old for $30 million and is proof that social media is getting more into the content business.  LinkedIn wants to get more views from people who are interested in good content and the implementation of the news feed several months ago shows the company fully understands the network effects needed for a social media site to expand.

LinkedIn users don’t return to the site often with most people dropping by less than once a month.  This presents a unique challenge for LinkedIn to go beyond being the resume research website to a going mobile concern able that can standalone with good content.  Pulse, which is available at the Apple’s App Store, boasts more than 30 million users globally and instantaneously gives LinkedIn access to a larger pool of mobile users.

LinkedIn is going up against Yahoo, and other content rich sites in attempts to proliferate its brand via mobile devices and keep users engaged with stimulating content.  The key is to know which content to promote and how to find metrics that show which content is original as well as engaging.  The Pulse purchase will definitely help LinkedIn get more social mobile acumen but the key will be working the algorithm to find the leaders in content creation not just collating them together.

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