Will The Facebook Phone Unseat Google’s Mobile Search Dominance?

facebook-phone-prototype design

If the Facebook Phone Is A Success, It Will Help & Hurt Google:

Facebook unveiled its new phone last week that will give users the opportunity to go straight to the social media site quickly from various smartphones.  The Facebook ‘Home’ feature will be available on Android software enabled smartphones, a platform created by Google and raises questions about what the impact will be in mobile search.  Will the Facebook phone cut in on Google’s dominance in mobile?

It depends.  If Facebook’s Graph Search is successful the probability is higher that Google could lose some mobile searches. This is important because mobile searches are now outnumbering searches on the desktop.  It’s also important because people now look to social media for news and trends to get information from friends.

Facebook desperately needs to get more mobile views and moving in on the Android platform would be a formidable strategy.  Mark Zuckerberg recently admitted to Forbes magazine that being late to mobile was his ‘biggest mistake’ so Facebook may be going after mobile and search.

Facebook didn’t directly work with Google to build Home and the download is like Amazon’s Kindle Fire that runs on Android.  This is a bit different than other platforms running on Android as it’s the first downloadable launcher that comes directly from a Google competitor like those available in Google Play.  The effect of Facebook’s Home launcher will impact Google+ negatively if properly implemented.

Both Google and Facebook will have an advantage over Apple by working together because the addition of Facebook’s Home could woo more developers to create apps for Android.

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