Boston Marathon Bombing Pictures, Videos Shock Social Media: The Pros And Cons

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Social Media Pictures of Boston Marathon Bombing Show Pros & Cons of Networking Online:

At around 2:50 yesterday, 2 bombs exploded one after another within seconds at the Boston Marathon 2013. The blasts caused havoc as runners were nearing the finish line at the 4 hour and 10 minute mark in the busiest part of the marathon.   The scene quickly was shared by Bostonians via social media with video and pictures.  The amateur footage was used by the major networks that arrived second, next to spectators who were already filming.

Pictures and video showing the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing were captivating with social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook proliferating sickening images.  This speaks volumes about the pros and cons of social media content distribution.

Here are two major pros and cons of social media being the number 1 source of news for most people now:


  1. News is shared faster.  Social media helps spread the word about events much faster than traditional media with people on the scene getting real-time footage quicker.
  2. Images of major events are usually captured in some capacity – as it happened. This can add a sense of calm to a spiraling situation.


  1. Information isn’t double-checked. Social media sites can be a bad source for news and rumors which routinely are posted about living people passing.
  2. Information isn’t sorted. Graphic images can easily spread virally without any censoring. This can have a negative impact on those too young or unfit to observe it – with no warning.

Social media is about sharing but some content isn’t worth proliferating such as overly graphic photos and rumor or innuendo.  The Boston Marathon bombing is clear evidence that social media has positive and negative aspects.

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