5 Reasons Twitter #Music May Be The 1st Success Of Social Music Media

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Twitter #Music Could Be A Promising Promotional Tool For Indie Artists:

Is Twitter #Music the perfect combination of social music media? Finally, the combination of social media and music is here – again?  Twitter has just launched Twitter#Music and it’s becoming a hit with indie artists looking to get new fans.  Twitter has taken advantage of its strength as a social networking behemoth but added a touch of social music media.  Sharing music was a big part of Facebook, but this happens less due to the need for ad revenue and people are beginning to notice less of what their friends just listened to on Spotify.  See how Spotify became the 2nd largest source of revenue for the record industry here, this could be a position Twitter may seek to challenge. Can Twitter take advantage of the lack of dominance in the social music media sector? Probably.

Here are 5 Reasons Twitter #Music Could Be A Success:

  1. Indie artists. Independent artists are always looking to find new ways to share their music.  They are willing to give almost every medium a try.  This is what makes Jango a success; it mixes indie artists with big players.
  2. Reach. Twitter flat out has reach. Over 200 million people on any given network is a good reason to distribute content and create easy sharing mechanisms. The info Twitter has obtained based on who one follows and their followers gives them an immense advantage in making suggestions.
  3. Economies of Scale.  Twitter #Music doesn’t cost much to create and over the long run the scale could be huge.
  4. Information. The info Twitter has obtained based on who people follow and their followers gives them an immense advantage in making suggestions as well as tweaking their algorithm over time.
  5. Social Media Moves Charts. Billboard’s top chart list got more interesting when they added a social music media index of popularity recently (See the Billboard Social 50 here).  Twitter is poised to take advantage of social networking and its impact on moving music sales.

I’m carefully watching Twitter#Music to see how artists embrace it.  It could definitely be a success if it partners with another streaming music service and fully integrates music into its standard desktop/mobile platforms.  Building a social music media community online isn’t easy.  It can’t be a phonebook like Myspace so the short, quick and easy music message-style expected from Twitter will make for unique observation.  It’s got a very good chance to make revolutionary change if done properly.

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