Twitter Tells Media More Hacking Attacks Probable: Here’s What To Do

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Change Twitter Passwords Frequently And Don’t Reuse Them:

Twitter Inc has reached out to members of the press to let them know they are expecting more attacks.  This comes just a few days after a fake posting from the Associated Press Twitter account sent the stock market sharply lower.  News organizations, media and other should change the passwords to their Twitter accounts and keep them different from other platforms they may login to such as email.

Twitter has been in the news recently for several high profile hackings and media hackings are more serious because of the trust factor those organizations have with the public.  The AP tweet last week was political stating the White House had been attacked and that Barack Obama was hurt.  This caused the Dow Jones Industrial Average to fall 120 points in less than one minute which could be the sharpest drop in history.

The threat of social media hackings has risen this year but high profile security lapses from famous people don’t matter.  This is why news organizations must be careful or shutdown their social media assets entirely until they have a clear strategy on how to handle password security.  Twitter did the right thing by reaching out to members of the press and the social community at large to keep password protection front and center but they may need to improve security with additional measures.

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