Yahoo Joins The Likes Of Netflix With Original Programming, Can It Work?

“Funny or Die Presents- First Dates With Toby Harris,” starring Seth Morris.

Direct it online/via mobile and they will come?

Yahoo announced plans to offer content last week which stunned some observers but not us, we knew Yahoo was transforming to a content/media distribution company – see more here. They have a partnership with Conde Nast as well as the WWE to provide premium content and more is coming.   Yesterday, Yahoo launched two new comedies to get more market share in the internet comedy sector.  The two shows called  “Sketchy” and “Funny or Die Presents: First Dates With Toby Harris” are part of a push via Yahoo to do more content distribution across its vast network.  Can it work?

Of course.  Yahoo is an internet company first and foremost so the inherent positive network effects will help a decent show reach critical mass.  Branding with “Funny or Die” helps and the strategy of co-branding as well as mass distribution online should work well if familiar names are attached to Yahoo’s logo.

Netflix gained a strong following with “House Of Cards”, the original program featuring “Kevin Spacey” see our review here.  Even a cult following can work on the internet or mobile because distribution and advertising can be catered by platform/viewer.  Both Yahoo and Netflix are expanding the media sector as old-line firms look to increase their presence.  HBO was built with innovative original programming from sports to the “Sopranos”, expect a digital concern to get it right.

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