Sergio Gracia’s Fried Chicken Remark Makes Him Social Media’s Dumbest Athlete In A While:

sergio garcia chicken

Sergio Gracia’s Fried Chicken Remark Makes Him Social Media’s Dumbest Athlete In A While:

Sergio Garcia, who perennially loses to fellow golfer Tiger Woods, popped off at the mouth stating he would be willing to have dinner with Tiger Woods but used racism to prove a foolish point.  Social Media went wild with Garcia’s comments and he’s taken the new crown of the biggest hater using ‘chicken’ to make a negative remark about African Americans.

Garcia joins a long line of racists who’ve gone ‘chicken’ to prove a point but in the long run, those people never end up well. Ask Fuzzy Zoeller (and a few other now irrelevant people), who never recovered from overt racist comments or look at others who have tried to make racist remarks on the low thinking nobody else knows or gets it – just plain dumb.

The dummies behind these racist comments rarely realize just how many other people know what’s going on. The word gets around and perhaps Garcia should be dropped from his advertisers.  People in the know are aware of his inappropriate actions towards Tiger.  Congrats to Sergio Garcia on joining the ‘chicken club’.  You’ll be remembered like all the rest pretty soon…..just another classless has-been.

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