Facebook Changes Advertising Strategy But Do They Need To Do More?

facebook homepage login ad

Is Facebook Using Any Of The Info They Have On Us?

Facebook’s homepage ads don’t seem, very targeted.  The social media megasite has been getting hit with concerns by advertisers that it’s not an effective platform.  It started just before the IPO last year when GM stated they weren’t happy with ads on Facebook and several months later it seems to make a bit more sense.

Here’s an example.

After logging out of my Facebook account, the picture above was on my login screen. As an advertising/social media consultant, I was shocked that with all the information Facebook has about me they would serve an ad for Match.com. Not only did it seen like a wasted impression, it seemed a bit intellectually challenged as if it was taken out of an “Advertising For Dummies’ edition. I’m a male Nigerian-American, married with two children and Facebook would have been better served to show me an advertisement for Huggies.

This should be a concern for investors and other social media analysts.
Facebook ruined its newsfeed with large ads being shown before seeing what friends are saying (which has changed somewhat) and while they may have streamlined their advertising strategy after clients’ messages were attached to negative posts, clearly they need to do more.  Facebook must continue to try different approaches that use information they have obtained from users – before Mr. Murdoch sends out another tweet.

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