Twitter Acquires Spindle, Social Mobile Search Will Continue To Expand

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Social Mobile Search Will Be Huge In The Next Few Years:

Twitter announced today that it has acquired Spindle, a startup focusing on localized search engines with an app for mobile devices. Nobody’s heard of Spindle yet and it’s no behemoth like Google but the purchase by Twitter illuminates the need for social networks and search engines to work together – better.  Facebook’s “Graph Search” is powered by Bing and Twitter needs its own search capabilities that could help its vast network of tweeters gain more relevant information without leaving the platform.

Social networks know what you like, where you go and the time you like to engage with others. What if restaurant suggestions could be shown after a tweet about food or a local car dealership ad was served after an update about a repair?

In a blog post on the Spindle website, the company described some of the synergies with Twitter:

“Every time we’ve experimented and looked beyond local discovery, we’ve been amazed by the breadth and quality of content shared on Twitter. By joining forces with Twitter, we can do so much more to help you find interesting, timely, and useful information about what’s happening around you.

Just as big data continues to grow, expect search and social for mobile platforms to expand as well.  Search needs improvement and the algorithms from the early 90s haven’t changed much even though there’s lots more information from social networks that can be used to provide better results.  Google has led the way with search and Google+ is integrated with search results, but they can’t be tailored for individuals via other networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter’s acquisition could change how people think of searching if they decide not to leave the tweeting ecosystem. This could keep users more engaged, decrease bounce rates and bring in smarter social advertising revenue.  Social media related search could take over traditional search engine queries within a few years.

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