June 2013 Super Moon Becomes A Social Media Sensation: The Top 5 Pictures

Super Moon Pictures June 2013 A Hit On Social Networks:

Were you up in the last few nights and couldn’t figure out why? They say strange things happen on a full moon, but how about on a Super Moon? A Super Moon occurred this weekend and it was an awesome sight shared by many on social media networks.

A Super Moon usually occurs at the beginning of summer when the moon is closest to the earth’s orbit. The Super Moon or perigee is a wondrous site that has been viewed for centuries and in usually dim lit places, a Super Moon can illuminate whole cities.

The moon for the last few days has seemed like it was at arms length and social media sites were buzzing with pictures and uploads showing just his beautiful hit was. ┬áHere’s a look at the best Super Moon pictures from social media sites and search that capture the June 2013 lunar event perfectly.

super-moon-picture top 10


super-moon-june 2013 greece


super moon washington dc june 2013

super moon picture best june 2013


Super moon helicopter best picture june 2013

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