Yahoo Bests Google For Web Traffic In July 2013: Is A New “Mayer Effect” Trend Developing?

Marissa_Mayer_Yahoo logo

Yahoo is back.

Since Marissa Mayer has taken over at Yahoo, good things are happening. Yahoo is constantly in the news and gaining brand share as well as visits. This month Yahoo achieved a significant milestone by beating Google for overall web traffic in July 2013. According to Comscore, Yahoo beat out the search engine giant with 196.6 million unique visitors last month, versus 192.3 million for Google. This is the first time Yahoo has been the number 1 site for U.S. web traffic since May 2011. Could this become the beginning a new trend based on a “Mayer Effect”?

There are two main reasons this is possible. First, Google is getting more competition from Facebook and other social media sites where people are now turning to get news like the Yahoo portal. Facebook is also getting more mobile searches which could be causing CPCs to fall for mobile searches on Google.

Second Yahoo is becoming a better company. The purchase of Tumblr could be helping Yahoo attract younger visitors (which was not counted in July 2013 traffic numbers) and the organic growth caused by Mayer landing at Yahoo is gaining network effects. Yahoo is getting talented human capital and partnerships that would have been second guessed  a few years ago and it’s very possible acquisitions could make up a larger chunk of the company’s social media market share in the near future. Expect Yahoo to make more progress in search, social media, mobile and beyond – especially if Wall Street continues to like Mayer’s leadership.

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