Google Keeps Organic Results Hidden, No More SEO Analytics After NSA Breach Revealed

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Search Engine Optimization Just Became Less Data Intensive:

The SEO world is in disarray after it was announced Google will no longer be capturing organic search data and sharing it with search engine marketing professionals via Google Analytics.  The move comes after Google stopped showing many organic search volume results nearly two years ago which was one of the biggest decisions to change the world of search statistics.  In October 2011, Google announced it would no longer show the organic searches for keywords when users were logged into its platform and would provide “not provided” results in Google Analytics. (Read more about Google SSL and Encrypted Results Here.) Today, it was revealed that Google will no longer show natural, organic search results in Google Analytics after news headlines began buzzing about the NSA tapping into Google and Yahoo servers.

There are no positives to this move from Google and I suspect this may be a reaction to the growth of Facebook along with a move toward selling the data.  Facebook had stellar earnings today beating estimates of 19 cents and earning 25 cents per share.  Google hasn’t had any problems with Wall Street either and just crossed the $1,000ps mark which it shares with as the few technology companies selling shares above 4 figures.

Facebook has improved its data capture and Insights is providing marketers with more information while Google is keeping its data hidden and may be trying to compete with Omniture head-on.  Expect to see less optimized results now that SEOs won’t have key information to help clients improve search engine rankings and look for Yahoo or Bing to become bigger players because – people need data.

Google’s move to hide data from the NSA can’t stop the government from getting valuable data it needs anyway so theories about why Google has made such a move to gain profits may have some credibility.  On the other hand, search engine marketers won’t be able to help clients get as much data for free, which could result in less optimized results and more reasons for searchers to hit the ‘back’ button.  Google engineers hate when a less optimized result is shown but they still make money from Adsense impressions anyway.

Look for less optimized results when you search in the near future.  Some of which is already happening as Google CPCs continue to fall and competition from Facebook grows.

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