The Real Reason Google Bought The Home Thermometer Company Nest For $3 Billion

google nest acquisition

Google Bought Nest For The Human Capital:

It was recently reported that search engine giant Google purchased Nest for $3.2 billion.  Nest is a maker of digital thermometers for home use and makes products that are sleek and Apple-esque.  Tech analysts were startled as to why a search engine/social media company would purchase a home appliance firm for so much money but the answer seems clear when looked at through an engineering lens.

Google made a successful acquisition of Motorola Mobile recently and company executives may think they are on to something.  Google has been eager to get into the electronics business and buying Motorola has given the firms’ leaders the gumption to create a more extensive appliances product line.  Android has been another success for Google and the company is actively challenging Apple as a mobile software concern and now it’s time for them to get more acumen making other products.

Nest employees come from Apple and along with the purchase of the company, Google has access to dozens of top engineers who were responsible for the iPad and the iPhone.  This is something Google desperately needs because the company hasn’t been so successful launching electronics such as GoogleTV.

Some in the public are concerned with increased ‘big brother’ capabilities increasing and while it’s possible Google could be collecting information about homes via Nest thermometers, it’s more likely they are trying to gain engineering expertise to create more products that can rival Apple’s near monopoly on gadget innovation.

So the next time you change your temperature in your house, expect that you could be doing it from your phone much more easily and get the house warmed up before you arrive, but more importantly, you could be doing it from a Google device that was made by the engineers at Nest.

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