The Future Of Social Media is Location-Based Analysis


For Social Media, It’s All About Location:

It’s becoming extremely important for firms to be able to track user behavior via social media monitoring tools. These tools make it easier for firms to engage with new customers and create strategies to market their brands effectively to them.   In-app advertising allows marketers to closely monitor what their customers are viewing and give them options to save money or purchase products that they may not have heard about.  Geofencing helps brands identify trends based on demographic information pertaining to a specific locale and this technology is helping advertisers pinpoint new leads at cheaper costs.  Mobile advertisers use these tools everyday but they are just now becoming ubiquitous to other marketers looking to find ways to get more traffic, sales or conversions by tapping into realtime social media conversations across several platforms.

I’ve been working with several top agencies to help them improve their marketing strategies and the primary advice I give them is to make sure they are matching social media intentions and sentiment with mobile marketing goals and objectives.   Real-time bidding and programmatic buying allows my clients to get the best prices for display advertising based on supply and demand fundamentals but without geolocation social media monitoring they aren’t fully getting the value from each additional like on Facebook, tweet on Twitter or post on Instagram etc.

The next wave in social media marketing will be to combine the learnings from mobile advertising in social media monitoring tools that can help companies save money by finding influencers online brand ambassadors.   This must be done in a carefully planned and strategic fashion because the average person doesn’t want too many ads chasing them around on their cell phone or popping up as soon as they walk into a store.  If a customer opts into a particular app and asks for feedback that’s a different case than a person being interrupted by a text message arbitrarily as they walk past an ad.  The person who opts into an app allowing to be advertised to is further along in the buying cycle, therefore advertisers have to find smart ways to get people to opt into their mobile applications and sign up for push notifications.

Location-based social media monitoring is changing the way people do business. It’s important to make informed decisions about how to market in an era now that more data is measurable and content from social media is available to guide marketers. As more data is spread online, the need to curate it becomes increasingly necessary to make sense of all the data and use it effectively.


Gaging sentiment and finding new ways to engage with people online isn’t easy and with the plethora of data available, it’s hard to make sense of it all. Not all social media content is significant and most of it isn’t real (more on that coming). Automated social media content is hurting impression calculations and a new method for factoring out real versus fake posting and sharing will be an important factor for effective brand management.

Brand managers, security professionals, and media networks will have to adjust the the changing landscape of social media. The changing nature of mobile marketing makes it critical to intertwine mobile marketing efforts and social media monitoring tools to capture more market share.

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