September 3, 2016

Brands And Marketers

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Monitor and Analyze – Brand Management

Utilize Social Media and SEO data to improve online brand recognition and enhance brand management abilities.  Take control of your company’s online presence by interacting with the best online data analytics in the Northeast Corridor.  Abmuku helps companies get closer to their customer base by allowing them to monitor online discussions involving their brands.  Utilizing Abmuku’s GeoFence technology, companies can monitor location-based data that can indicate the presence of their brand in specific areas.

Monitor your activity involving your brand in real time or in retrospect with specific keywords or broader social media analyses.  The location-specific analysis allows companies to get a closer look at their target market, and perhaps run a more successful product launch, advertising campaign, or sales initiative.

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Abmuku can escalate your brand by:

Getting more useful search results with search engine optimization

Compiling data regarding brand sentiment across media platforms

Tracking location-based buzz regarding your brand in real time and retropsectively

Simplify and Enhance – Brand Management

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Create a more intuitive and efficient marketing strategy by getting a better understanding of the consumer base.  Discover new tactics that will improve your overall brand and create a lower or more efficient bottom line.  A more finely-tuned social media analysis allows companies to focus their research and advertising dollars with at a more effective and efficient success rate. This location-based information allows companies to develop more intuitive strategies and get the most out of their marketing budget.


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