August 28, 2016

Energy And Utilities

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Energy Companies need to spot trends quickly and so do those who hedge based on price activity.  It’s easier to spot trends when you have the power of search engine keyword analysis and location based social media monitoring with geotagging tools to help.abmuku permian basin location based social media monitoring analysis

See what research is being done online and find ways to stay ahead of the curve using Abmuku location based search, mobile software.  Our software helped enterprises learn more about the Permian Basin before it became a hot item because we were able to monitor trends that suggested interest in the area was increasing.

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While serving a large community, it is vital for energy companies to connect with the residents they serve.  Bringing energy companies closer to the communities they serve can be difficult over a large region. Managing a community while expanding their resources in more remote locations can spread an energy company thin; Abmuku offers a solution to these quandaries.  What these energy companies need is a software tool that can allow them to manage the effects of their raw production in relation to their community members – without wasting resources digging through piles of data.

How can Abmuku allow energy companies to manage their communities and their production?

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Abmuku’s location-based platform allows energy companies to hone in on the communities they serve without taking in inconsequential data from elsewhere.  They can communicate with areas dealing in raw production as well, while gauging the opinions of their home communities.  Abmuku takes an energy company closer to their residents by:

  • Tracking keywords found in their specific communities
  • Cutting down on excess and irrelevant data
  • Identifying community issues quickly

The energy sector often suffers from a disconnect from their customers while juggling production issues with customer service ones.  The company, and the residents, can benefit from a more in-tune and efficient social media analysis.  This medium may allow companies to help avoid the next major oil spill, or react more quickly when something similar occurs.