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Abmuku Social Media Montoring Software For Enterprise

Target Prospects Via Social Media Networks By Location

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Find out the sentiment for your product at the local level and target new customers with data based on actions they’ve taken online.

The Abmuku Location-Based Social Media Monitoring Dashboard

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Find what people are saying and focus on how, where they are saying it and ways to engage with them.  Our retargeting and geotagging software can help you maintain your outreach over time.

Our revolutionary location-based social media monitoring enterprise solutions help you find out where the sources of activity are taking place and engage with them based on a wealth of keyword data findings we’ve amassed over years of running search engine marketing campaigns.  Call us now for a demo.

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Abmuku location-based social media software for enterprise uses search engine optimization, mobile location analysis and social media monitoring algorithms to help our clients focus their marketing, branding and awareness online to people that are most likely to engage with them and purchase their products or services.

Our social media monitoring tool helps you quickly identify brand ambassadors, loyalists as well as keywords and hashtags that are popular online. We’ve created an easy to use dashboard that allows you to quickly view your past location-based social media monitoring searches and identify targets for remarketing your products and services.