Include the power of search engine data in your mobile marketing, social media geotagging, and online intelligence remarking strategy.

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The Abmuku social media monitoring and mobile search keyword platform helps enterprises in various industries including:

Hotel and Leisure

Get more visitors to engage with social media and create more custom experiences via mobile with keyword search analytics, sentiment analysis and trend measurement.

Sports and Entertainment

Increase ticket sales by monitoring experiences before, during and after the events find influencers and ambassadors that can help spread the message and improve ROI.  Use custom audience social media mobile and search keyword retargeting to reach new potential attendees.

Brands and Marketers

 Create a stronger brand by finding social media profiles based on sentiment and behaviors already taken. Use a metrics based approach to decrease costs for getting new customers and improve the overall experience related to the brand.  Capture the power of social media mobile retargeting and keyword search aggregation to improve conversions.


Increase student participation and improve school spirit by engaging directly with students on the mediums they use the most. Get more alumni to donate and keep the community up to date – faster. Use our social media retargeting features continue to engage with prospects long after the first time they visit your website or social media assets.

Security Professionals

Improved search reputation management and secure facilities easier by just clicking a button.  Use the power of data the cloud and keyword-based analysis to improve safety. Retarget your message to niche audiences.

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