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Dr. Celestine O. Chukumba – Founder

Dr. Chukumba is a trained economist with years of startup and media marketing experience.  He has successfully started several internet concerns including the Top 5 CollegeDJ portal, CollegeDJ.net and the global marketing company InterSearchMedia.com. Celestine creates the strategy and technology as well as helps in online marketing.  He has worked with top brands including MTV, Showtime, NBC, Chopard, Mikimoto, Mountain Dew, He plays 8 musical instruments and enjoys playing sports in his spare time.

Napoleon Suarez – CMO

Napoleon is a marketing guru and entrepreneur with a love for creating new things.  He created CrateStream, a music sharing platform for producers and currently is the Founder of Fishbox, an on-demand delivery platform which is among the largest in the region.  He attended the University of Notre Dame as an undergraduate while Dr. Chukumba was obtaining his Ph.D.  Napoleon helps Abmuku gain traction in the Philadelphia area and helps develop new innovative strategies to help us create new partnerships.

Matt Hinger – VP Product Management

Matt Hinger is a digital marketing specialist with experience in SEO, Social Media, Google Adwords and Analytics. He has garnered experience working in the industry with InterSearchMedia before working with Abmuku in creating a highly effective and efficient Digital Marketing platform.  Matt’s interest in technology and the evolving marketing landscape inspired him to get involved with InterSearchMedia and Abmuku in his freshmen year of college.  He is currently a student pursuing a B.S. in Marketing at Rutgers Business School – New Brunswick and is the Director of Communication for the Rutgers Association of Marketing and Strategy (RAMS).  Besides career endeavors, Matt enjoys following baseball and concert-going.  After earning his degree he intends to further his career in Digital Marketing and Technology.

Charles “Chidi” Ejiogu ESQ. – CIO

Charles is an established real estate investor in the New York City area and is also an intellectual property law adviser to several firms.  He is the Founder of Rock Realtors and Charles and Charles Law firm.  He and Dr. Chukumba have been business associates since they attended college at Rutgers University. Charles focuses on helping new firms come to market and works with brands internationally to help them innovate.