August 27, 2016

Public Safety And Security

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Building a safer community now requires an understanding of the implications of a digital future. Community members now reap the benefits of digital access and social media, but they are in hand vulnerable to a new set of risks.  Members of the public safety community – such as police forces, firefighters, and security professionals can utilize Abmuku’s GeoFence technology to spot threats and reduce response times.

How can Abmuku help create a safer community?

Abmuku’s intuitive and expansive social media platform can help security professionals aggregate and filter through data from a specific en masse – without aimlessly clicking through profiles.  Abmuku simplifies this process by:

  • Allowing for precise location-based analysis
  • Compiling keyword information to spot suspicious trends
  • Integrating information from a variety of social media platforms

Abmuku’s technology makes it easier for professionals to catch issues that they may have missed otherwise.  Fire departments and security professionals can respond to crises more quickly as pockets of data continuously update in real time.  Potential threats can be curbed as professionals can spot the issues with a more explicit foresight.

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