abmuku location based social media monitoring for sports entertainment


The entertainment industry is heavily dependent on social media as an influential branding tool and a key component in marketing any sports event or concert.  This is where GeoFence Locations truly reinvents the way an entertainment company or venue markets an event – reduce the size of the net you cast and get more targeted results.  

How can Abmuku make it easier to market an event?

location based social media monitoring mobile search abmuku

Concerts and sporting events attract people within a radius from the venue – Abmuku brings this radius to the social media landscape.  The buzz surrounding an event can become overwhelming for a marketer to manage and analyze; however, Abmuku’s location-based platform can turn a problem into an advantage by:

Aggregating keywords relating to the event or concert

Generating results in a more concise geographic net

Creating and managing buzz for the event

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Make better decisions while marketing a sporting event or concert and get significantly greater return on investments.  With Abmuku’s search engine optimization, get better search results for your venue or event and watch as your web traffic and ticket sales increase.  An online presence is bound to come with these events – no matter how small – and it is essential for marketers to have the ability to manage the digital splash their events are creating.