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Location Based Mobile Search Social Media Retargeting For Universities & Schools

School environments are more active on social media platforms than ever – Abmuku can help schools turn this activity into greater student enthusiasm, online security, and increased alumni generosity.  Abmuku’s social media analysis can allow school administrators to connect with their communities more effectively to get the important information out quicker than ever possible before.  Utilize the analysis to drive online traffic about closings and delays, academic information, and sporting events.  GeoFence technology allows for pinpoint monitoring around a school community.

How can Abmuku make a school administrator’s job easier?

abmuku location based social media mobile search retargeting

The location specific information derived from Abmuku’s social media analysis platform can allow a school administrator to organize and manage the way a large community interacts on a variety of social media outlets.  Administrators can utilize specific keywords to:

  • Regulate and curb cyber bullying
  • Monitor sentiment about sports and academics
  • Halt the spreading of misinformation and spot threats

Educational facilities can tune into Abmuku’s Mobile Map Geotagging to find out trending topics in their communities and hone in on the ideas of students, parents, and other community members.  Potential problems can be caught in a timely manner and handled more effectively.  With the information obtained from Abmuku’s model, a school administrator can take an insurmountable level of online information and process it in a way that benefits an entire school community.